The Magic Mushroom That Makes Women Orgasm!


A mushroom species only grown in Hawaii was discovered 15 years ago. It was claimed that when smelled by women, the scent of the mushroom induces strong orgasms. Let's see if it's scientifically accurate:

This orange colored, phallus shaped mushroom grown on the volcanic hills of Hawaii is claimed to give women a strong orgasm.

The mushroom was first collected and examined by the researchers John Halliday and Noah Soule in 2001.

The mushroom, only grown on 600-10,000 year lava flows in Hawaii, is identified to be in the "Dictyophora" family.

It's a fact that many mushroom types in this family are phallus shaped. The facts that this special type is grown on lava and it has bright colors make it sexier.

The study published in the "International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms" explained the morphological and chemical characteristics of the mushroom and announced that 50% of women who smelled it in the trials experienced a strong orgasm.

Another interesting fact from the study is that men who smelled the mushroom found its smell disgusting.

So how does the mushroom induce orgasms? It was seen that the mushroom has similar hormone-like complex in its structure and this acts very similarly to the neurotransmitters secreted during sex.

So the smell many people find disgusting is actually a powerful chemical reaction.

Of course, these mushrooms weren't meant for humans to enjoy. The actual purpose of the smell is to attract insects to carry spores and ensure reproduction.

On the other hand, mushrooms are already known to have such effects on animals. Some mushroom species secrete pheromones to attract animals.

For example, "Androstenone" a pheromone found in humans and boars, was also found in mushrooms. That's why boars try to dig in the soil to get these mushrooms out. The Dictyophora found in Hawaii is thought to have gone through a similar evolution process, but on the other hand there's still not enough research on this topic....

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