The Best Way to Leave a Place: 15 Facts About the ‘Irish Goodbye’!

> The Best Way to Leave a Place: 15 Facts About the ‘Irish Goodbye’!

Irish goodbye literally means walking off silently from a party, meeting or an event without saying goodbye or giving a notice to anyone. In other words, if someone asks, ‘Where is David?’ and no one knows where he is, you realize David pulled an Irish Goodbye and is long gone! 

It is also called, ‘Ghosting’ as the person disappears like a ghost.

1. Irish goodbye is a thing for considerate people, it is based on not to disrupt anyone or make them stand up, and not to interrupt any conversation.

2. Irish goodbye is for people who never wastes minutes to say goodbye to everyone in a crowded place.

Who wants to bother saying goodbye to a group of 15 people, like ‘Take care’ ‘Love yourself’ ‘Be nice to yourself’ ‘Kisses’ ‘See you later’ ‘Love you guys’ etc. And so on.

3. Even if it is considered rude in so many cultures, it is still the most appropriate way to leave if you think on it.

4. It can avoid fake conversations like, ''Stay a bit more'' ''Don’t leave that soon'' ''Where are you going it's still too early!''

5. It is the best way for the drunk ones to take the easy way out and leave in silence and peace!

6. If you make a habit of it, and it becomes a distinguishing characteristic of yours, the rest of your life might actually become easier.

7. Irish goodbye is a singular leave, it gives a sharp message about you being not needed anyone.

Guilty feelings like ''Not giving you a lift.'' doesn’t occur to anyone.

8. It's rude maybe, yes but Irish leavers are the most loved type of guests by hosts and party organizers.

9. You can never find a better way than the Irish goodbye to leave on an urgent situation.

10. What else to do rather than Irish goodbye when you get bored or can’t have fun and feel lonely?

11. Irish goodbye is easy, you don’t need to think, look for the people you know, shake hands and etc. Just take your jacket and leave.

12. It's like taking off your shoes, socks, pants, and bra after a long day. It makes you feel that relaxed and it's one quick move.

13. It teaches you things like being independent and taking control of your life.

14. Irish goodbye prevents any conversations you don't want to have and also avoids unnecessary tense vibes.

15. Last but not least, Irish goodbye is kind of an adventure and an entertainment: Escaping from a crowded place without being noticed gives you a complete adrenaline rush!