The 15 Most Bizarre Marriages Of All Time


Are you one of those who are sick and tired of their friends getting married one after another every summer? Or a confirmed bachelor whose hopes ceased to exist long ago? You think there’s nothing worse than loneliness? Don’t worry, I suppose there is. What about marrying your poor little cat or your pillow, for God’s sake?

Here are 15 marriages that will give you second thoughts before whining about your misery :)

1. The man who had to marry the goat with whom he was caught with: Charles Tombe!

You need to be really careful if you’re having an affair in Sudan. According to law, you have to marry the woman you’re caught with in order for her family not to be dishonored. This law was applied to the case of Tombe, who was caught with a goat in 2006. He then married the goat and even paid a fine, as he dishonored the owner.

2. Married a dog to break the spell!

A farmer from India stoned two dogs to death who broke into his field. From that day on, his life had never been the same again. He went through serious health problems. When he thought modern medicine was no longer helpful, he laid his hopes on fortunetellers. A fortuneteller told him that he had to marry a dog and live with it to break the spell. The farmer followed the advice and married a dog. We doubt that he recovered, but maybe he is lucky to have a friend now, isn’t he?

Click here to watch this bizarre wedding.

3. Chinese Lie Ye preferred to marry himself rather than being alone.

He was accompanied by a picture of himself dressed in red printed on cardboard during the wedding. Lie Ye accepts that he is narcissistic and says:

“There are many reasons for marrying myself, but mainly to express my dissatisfaction with reality. “

4. Married herself on her 30th birthday and became her own wife: Jennifer Hoes!

All the friends and family attended the wedding in Holland. Hoes seemed perfectly self satisfied.

5. Social pressure forced Chen Wei to marry herself.

When she turned 30, she could no longer resist the social pressure and solved the problem by marrying herself. She says there wasn’t a good candidate for the job, but she was pretty good by herself. We’re pretty sure her family must be regretful for pressuring her into this...

6. The man who married his dead girlfriend: Chadil Deffy!

Deffy had been together with his girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook for eleven years. He wanted to marry her, but they had to postpone the wedding because of the workload he had to deal with. Unfortunately, Sarinya died in a car accident just before the wedding. Then, Deffy could not accept the fact that she was gone forever from this world before they got married, so decided to plan a wedding ceremony on the funeral day. Therefore she could be his wife before she got buried. Even though everyone around him found it odd, there was no choice for them but to attend the wedding.

7. In 2006, a woman from India did something more interesting than marrying herself: She married a snake!

According to local news, a woman fell in love with a snake and married it with a traditional Hindu wedding. 2,000 people who believed that the wedding would bring them good luck attended the ceremony. Of course the snake wasn’t there, but a statute of it accompanied her during the whole night.

8. The man who was afraid that a woman would exploit him financially married a sex doll.

He says he didn’t want to be with someone who could direct all his life. Besides, he found what he wanted the most in a woman: silence...

9. Cindy married a dolphin whom she fell in love at first sight.

They had been seeing each other for almost 15 years before they married in Israel. Cindy gave him a can of herring fish as a wedding gift.

10. Married to his cat who was about to die

Animals can be the best friends of humans. And sometimes, it is even beyond that. A postman from Germany was told that his cat was going to die soon after a routine check-up. He couldn’t accept the fact and married her just before her death.

Click here to watch the wedding ceremony.

11. An ex-soldier from USA fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and married it.

An ex soldier named Erika living in San Francisco fell in love with the Eiffel Tower at first sight and married it. Moreover, she even changed her name to make it official: Erika La Tour Eiffel!

12. The woman who fell in love with a wall...

Eija-Riitta saw the Berlin Wall for the first time on TV when she was a little kid and fell in love instantly. In 1979, she actually saw it in Berlin and decided to marry it. She also changed her name to “Berliner-Mauer”, which means “Berlin Wall” to make it official. She, however, had never gone to Berlin again after the Wall fell down, as she would be devastated to see it in ruins.

13. Fell in love with a video game character and married her.

This weird man spent so much time with the character in a video game that he couldn’t stop himself falling for her. Right after he realized his irresistible feelings, he married her in 2009.

14. Amy Wolfe from New York married the rollercoaster that she rode 3000 times.

Amy says she had feelings for other objects in the same fairground, but the rollercoaster was “the one.”

15. Lee Jin-Gyu married two of his favorite things: his pillow and the anime character he loves the most!
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