Photos Showing The Happiness Of Chris Hemsworth's Family!


Perfect father & husband: Chris

1. Invincible superhero, Thor; Chris Hemsworth... Let’s take a journey into the life of this admirable man.

2. Chris is a hero around the house, as well. He’s a wonderful father to his kids.

3. He is a father to 3 children and a husband to Elsa Pataky for 6 years.

4. Elsa, a star of Fast and Furious, has everyone envious of her beauty. On top of being one of the most famous Spanish actresses, she also uses her stunning good looks to model.

5. The couple displays their happy family to the world with their Instagram posts.

6. These photos illustrate that the handsome actor is the model father.

7. Here's an ultimate family man who loves to spend time with his three kids.

8. Chris would even tackle the toughest challenges and still whip up a delicious meal for his children.

9. 2 years after the couple got married in 2010, their first child India joined the family. Then, we witnessed the joy that being a father gave him.

10. 2 years ago, their twin boys Tristan and Sasha joined the Hemsworth family.

11. Unless he is filming, Mr. Hemsworth never leaves his children.

12. He has such a strong bond with his daughter, India, that it even makes his stunning wife jealous 😊

13. Despite being her father, Chris is one of his daughter’s closest friends as well. ☺️

14. Being the caring father that he is, Chris needs to take a photo to remember every beautiful moment with his family.

15. And they share those moments with their followers.

16. Even though the motorcycle doesn't seem so dangerous, Chris and Elsa need to protect the loves of their lives ☺️

17. It's yoga time with mommy. 😌

18. This family is very ambitious about yoga. 😄

19. Chris is also has a soft spot for animals.. Sometimes for a dog..

20. Sometimes, a cow..

21. Sometimes, a kangaroo.. Oh, speaking of kangaroos, just like them, the handsome father is from Australia. ❤️

22. A fan of Surfing as well! 🌊

23. It is incredible that Chris spends more time with the kids than their mother, Elsa

24. He even turns into a little kid when he spends time with his 3 little ones.

25. This adorable photo shows he never wants to let go.

26. He’s always seen carrying the children around. We can't blame him, who can get enough of those cuties?

27. Any kid would be lucky to have a father as great as him

28. And beautiful Elsa should feel the same!

29. Here's a couple that other celebrities should look up to. 😌

30. We hope this family only gets better and bigger.. ❤️

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