etiket People Share The Dumbest Reasons Of Breaking Up And They Are Beyond Funny!

> People Share The Dumbest Reasons Of Breaking Up And They Are Beyond Funny!

We've all seen or been a part of harsh breakups. It tends to be a colossal choice to make, however every break up has a reason, but sometimes not rational reasons. Here are the most ridiculous reasons why people broke up with someone!


She said skrimps instead of shrimp. - MichaelBushwick

He wore this one brown shirt I absolutely hated like once a week at least. I figured I didn’t really like him that much if I was so focused on one shirt. I was also 15. - me-gusta-la-tortuga

She was mad at me because she thought I didn’t like her cat.

I liked the cat better than her, so I figured it was time to bow out. - stellarbeing

He made a slight hissing sound every three words within a sentence. So it would go “oh hey babe hsssss how was you hssssssssss day?” I could barely pay attention to what he was asking me. I was too fixated on the snake hissing. - clamsteamed

She pronounced ‘Memes’ as ‘MemÉs’ - ricardoeditor

She refused to wear a seatbelt and would text and drive.

Somehow she is still alive nearly 8 years later and for the love of God I don’t know how. - thefailquail

She left the lid off of everything. So I’d go to the cupboard grab a ketchup bottle from the top, ends up all over me and my kitchen. It happened 7 times before I ended it. - Nevarc_Xela

I was the dumpee not the dumper. I shared a post on Facebook of the new Dragonball Z Adidas sneakers. My fiance’s sisters bf commented calling my friends and I nerds and threatened to kill us. Fiance didn’t see an issue with this and sided with him. We got in a huge fight a bout it which led to her texting me at work a few days later to end our 4 year relationship via text.

TL:DR I got dumped over a post about DBZ Sneakers. - wakeofthefall24

I was seeing this guy who would always so “I forgive you” any time we slightly disagreed on something or I did something little like shut the car door too hard. I got so annoyed of being “forgiven” for things I hadn’t even apologized for.

Still irritates me and it’s supposed to be a polite thing. Irksome. - nurse_s123

She wore a bell on her wrist. Everytime she would move it would jingle. It was like I was sleeping with a housecat. - Copius-GTea

I wasn’t dating this girl, but we had gone on a few dates before. Then I decided to just stop seeing her after awhile.

The reason? She would always text me whenever she was taking a shit, and also her favorite food was black beans and she would send me pictures of them all the time.

I fucking hate beans. - frogtruck

A few times he said stuff like “you’re so smart… for a girl” “wow for a girl you know a lot about tech”.

I’m not actually that smart, but smart enough to know those little “compliments” are a red flag. - say-crack-again

She wanted $2 for my share of the pizza we bought after I filled up my car to take us and some friends to the mall.

There was about 5 years of bullshit before that….but that $2 was the final straw. - hotcake911

His sex face. It was super angry and serious looking I couldn’t help but laugh every time and it would piss him off - LeafOnTheWind30

We where watching the movie Troy. When Achilles got hit in his ankle she thought that was poor writing of the producers. I realized we didn’t level that well and broke up with her the same night. - eavandijk83

Not me, but a friend was once chatting up a girl on a dating site. She said “Batman got his powers when he was bitten by a radioactive bat, right?”

He immediately cut off contact.

I asked him when he retold the story, “In context, wasn’t she joking?”

He responded, “Doesn’t matter. You can’t joke about that.” - Prufrock451

Once, I posted a picture of my girlfriend’s inability to open plastic packaging in r/mildyinfuriating and someone told me to leave her so I did. - malt0r