People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Photos From Their Blunder Years!

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Do you still cringingly remember "Fuck drugs and government", the hardcore hit of your 15-year self? Have you just found your old myspace picture, xXxLadyDarkness85xXx? Here are some people sharing their cringe photos from their blunder years!


1. "My parents had a lot of patience"

2. My junior year high school photo is why I don’t believe people who say, “No Regrets”

3. "Thought you guys would appreciate. My hair didn’t stop being this way until I was 14."

4. "8-year-old me thought a medley of accessories for four different sports would make me look athletic"

5. "2007, 2nd grade. I thought I was a gangsta."

6. "I found my high school id from 2003-2008.."

7. "For some reason I thought the short bangs looked good "

8. “I was 10 when I realized people with no bangs had grown them out, not cut them off.”

9. “1996 HS Yearbook Picture”

10. “I spent most of my high school career working at Sonic instead of playing sports. I thought it would be funny to wear a Sonic uniform instead of a Letterman’s jacket for my senior picture. So that happened…”


12. “Thought it would be cool to make KNEX body armor”



15. “We used to draw tribal tattoos with sharpies on each other, we were going to be rock stars”


17. “We made a Christmas card of baby Jesus and the three wise men. We were not a religious household.”

18. “My sister and I were pretty cool in the ‘90s”

19. “It was the early 90’s, life was so much simpler.”

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