New Photos Of A Young, Shirtless Justin Trudeau Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy AGAIN!


Newly emerged photographs of Justin Trudeau have become an online hit again. The Canadian Prime Minister is seen shirtless in the pictures that have been widely shared on social media.

He became an unlikely Internet star after social media users were whipped into a frenzy by photographs of Ivanka Trump, the Duchess of Cambridge and even Donald Trump appearing to gaze longingly at him. And last week, the Canadian Prime Minister became an online hit again - thanks to his pert posterior.

Justin already went viral earlier this week when a picture of his bottom was circulated on Facebook.

In the photo, the 45-year-old can be seen wearing what some say are form-fitting slacks while addressing an audience.

Though the origin of the image is not certain, reporters speculate that it was taken during one of Trudeau's speaking engagements in early February.

The sexy snap also inspired several others to make comparisons between Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump.

But Justin Trudeau-mania appears to have reached fever pitch this week after photos from his youth surfaced on Twitter.

The Internet is rightfully losing its collective mind over these shots of JT from back in the day when shirts and sleeves were optional.

The image of a young Trudeau in front of a mountain range is also circulating online. Struggling to keep her emotions in check, one fan wrote: "Young Justin Trudeau is here to stand you up at prom and break your heart."

Another Twitter user commented: "Young Justin Trudeau looks like the camp counselor your mom warned you about who got that girl pregnant last summer but kept his job."

And proving that even men aren't immune to the politician's charms, Evan Ross Katz commented on a shirtless snap: "Step aside young Biden. These photos prove young Justin Trudeau is who you should be hitting with a 1:37am "u up?"'

The photos of a young Mr. Trudeau prompted comparisons with other politicians in their youth, notably Joe Biden, the former US vice president:

Commenting on a snap of the 45-year-old heartthrob posing on the beach as a young man, Sarah Leckwatch announced: "Young Justin Trudeau could run me over with a semi and I'd say thank you.''

The photos led to some other amusing comments:

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