Mystery Solved: Where Do Flight Attendants Really Sleep?!


If you've had a long flight before, I’m sure you wondered about this too. The planes are usually so packed that they seem like they don’t have any space for the cabin crew to rest.


But the truth is, planes have secret rest areas for flight attendants!

Many people are unaware of these secret areas.

Maybe not in every single plane, but the Boeing 777 and 787 have these secret cabins.

In many models, the access to these cabins is through a toilet-like door with a staircase behind it.

A total mystery.

And some cabins are accessed through a normal looking overhead bin.

Imagine the reaction of a passenger after seeing someone getting out of there…

This gate is like a mysterious door; it's visible, but no one realizes where actually it opens.

They really do exist. Like those secret passages in the movies.

You need to have a key or know the password to get in. Unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to sneak in and check it out.

A sign indicating the rules are on the back of these doors. You may see these signs if you’re curious enough to read everything you see.

Max occupancy-8 crew members. Bad jokes are prohibited.

Let’s see these damn top secret cabinets right? Here's how it looks on a 787 Dreamliner.

It doesnt have any windows, but seems very cozy right? Its actually a big luxury compared to those economy class seats.

And this is how these rest areas look in a Boeing 777. It seems fun to be in. Each has a personal storage space for the crew members.

We can see in their eyes that they also want to put their pajamas on.

Of course, pilots are not only enjoying their coffees in the cockpit. They also have their own special cabins to rest.

Much more luxurious and for two people. Two beds along with two business class seats. Some planes even have a sink and a toilet for them.

The sign here is to prevent any possible intimacy. 😂

Let’s go back to pilots’ secret spots. These places make you wanna chill.

Let me tell you something, they have pajamas here!!

The design of these resting areas changes from one plane to another. For instance, Air Canada’s 787’s design looks like this.

In Boeing 773, there is a rest area with a narrow aisle like this.

You can only move by crawling because the ceiling is too low.

The biggest airplanes of all-Airbus A380s- have bunk-beds.

This is a more luxurious cabin from Singapore Airlines A380.

Even though everything seems very comfy, there is only one truth…

You’re 10 km above the ground and you can’t even find enough room to stand up.


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