13 Most Significant Features Of No-Relationship Men You Should Stay Away!

> 13 Most Significant Features Of No-Relationship Men You Should Stay Away!

It’s very common now to see men saying “I don’t want a relationship,” it’s the new trend. Somehow women are attracted to these men, willingly or unwillingly. They’re everywhere; you can spot them with their significant features right away. Here are those features so you can stay away from them!

1. They’re constantly confused.

These men are always, always emotionally confused. One day they’re in love, the other day they’re outta love. That’s why they usually aim to deny what they said before. Don’t rely on them.

2. They're crafty.

They know how to talk and make you believe what they say so well! Do not let them deceive you!

3. It’s fun to talk to them, don’t get tricked!

They’re usually interested in many things. Art, literature, politics, sports.. you can talk about everything with them for hours.

4. They’re definitely narcissists!

Well, here is the most important feature: They re TO-TAL-LY NARCIST! Egoist jerks. They don’t love anyone other than themselves. They don’t know how to empathize, they never accept their mistakes. Keep them away!

5. They bring excuses, all the time.

We don’t know the source of their creativity, but they never run out of excuses. They could not get over their past, they want to focus on their career, their life is not ready for someone else, it’s too late for a relationship. Just throw them into the closest garbage can, they deserve it!

6. They’re into sex, a lot.

But when it comes to sex, hell YES TO THAT!

7. They’re never ready to take the responsibility of anything in life.

They’re dealing with their current life now; their life is not ready to take the responsibility of another one. The responsibility of any kind of a relationship is too much for them. Just skip these ones.

8. They never use even a small love term.

Because they don’t have a heart.

9. ‘Love’ doesn’t exist for them!

It’s not possible for these men to love someone other than themselves. They do not accept the existence of love.

10. They know how to talk.

When it comes to talking, no one is better than them. They think everyone believes everything they say. But the reality is not that, unfortunately.

11. They’re experts at creating emotional confusion!

They got a Ph.D. on this, for sure. They get close then pull themselves away, they do it 2-3 times a day. Don’t put too much stress on yourself because of these men.

12. They constantly emphasize how much they love freedom.

“I love loneliness” 

“I feel extremely stressed when someone tries to limit my freedom.” 

“Freedom, yay!” 

“I love going on vacations alone and spending time with myself.” 

You hear these words a lot. 

13. “Friendship” is crucial for them.

Friendship is definitely the most important thing for them. They value their friends a lot. Plus, they don’t hesitate to express how much of a good friend ’you’ are: you’re also his valuable friend. Never believe this bullshit. You were never his friend, and never gonna be. 

One of these no-relationship men will get into your life at some point. Try to get over this period without being too hard on yourself or angry, and try to end it with a peaceful state of mind. And don’t forget this: better or worse, it will come to an end. Always keep that in mind and don’t make yourself sad. No one is more important than you and no one ever died of love yet.