Miss Ukraine Is Stripped Of Her Crown After She Lied About Her Personal Life!


Miss Ukraine was disqualified when officials learned that she is a mother of a-four-year-old and was previously married.

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Veronika Didusenko, 23, took her crown last Thursday in Kiev.

Later, she was disquailified because organisers discovered that she had lied about her personal life on her application form.

She has a four-year-old son and previously married which is inacceptable for the competition.

According to competition rules, mothers or women who have been married cannot attend the competition.

Miss Ukraine officials explained that Veronika Didusenko had broken the rules and she had no right to hold the title.

It means that owner of the crown will be another contestant.

After all these events, Veronika posted a message on her Instagram page and thanks her fans for their support.

She said:  "Friends, I have never been a blogger, but we already have more than 10,000. Thank you for your sincere support at such a difficult time for me! You are FANTASTIC."

She was also criticized by some followers and they accused her of being 'dumb' to understand the rules.

One of them said : "There are so many pageants, she could confuse a Miss contest with a Mrs one.'" And another one wrote : "What a silly thing to do".

Miss Ukraine officials said that they have right to ask costs related to electing a new winner from Veronika, but they won't.

Also it is unclear who will take Veronika's crown but organisers tells that it might not directly be passed to the runner-up.

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