Meet The Woman With The World's First Breast Implants!


When we talk about silicones, we are usually talking about silicone breast implants. Nowadays, breast surgeries are very common. Many women go through surgeries to make their breast bigger. Although the reasons for having surgery vary, this courageous procedure was first applied on a women named Timmie Jean Lindsey! Lindsey had her breast enlargement surgery exactly 54 years ago. If you want to find out her story, check out below:

1. Today, having breast implants is not a rare thing.

People choose to have implants so that they can have a more round and pushed up look. Who knew that the first ever implant surgery was done in 1962?

2. Ever wondered what is inside of those implants?

There are different types of silicone implants. This silicone balloon is filled with a jelly that is composed of silicone. Some implants have a physiological saline solution - a form of salty water. There are some implants that are composed of soybean oil, but this technique is not widespread at the moment.

3. Meet the woman who had the world's first breast implant: Timmie Jean Lindsey

Timmie had no aesthetic concerns for having this surgery. She went through this surgery upon the request of her friend Dr. Thomas Croni.

4. The idea behind this surgery was to reform the breast of women who had multiple children.

Timmie was 30 years old at the time. She went through this surgery without any hesitation and wrote name in science history.

5. Timmie states that living with a strange object in her breast was not easy.

How could it be easy? At the beginning, she only felt stiffness on her breast. She had a lot of pain when she was exercising. Dryness of mouth, dryness around the eyes and chronic exhaustion were other side effects.

6. However, she doesn't regret her decision.

After her courageous move, she paved the way for 2 million other women to have breast implants. 

She admits that this wasn't an easy process. She battled with depression and had psychological support for a while.

7. The before and after photos of this surgery are shown in the photo.

As you can see from the photo, it's not like the breast implants that we are used to seeing today. The only obvious change is in the form of boobs. It should be noted that breast implants are not only used for aesthetic purposes. Implants can be used in breast cancer cases where the breasts are removed.

8. Right after the surgery, her boyfriend proposed to Timmie. This was a great relief after the pain she had gone through.

Timmie is 84 years old today. She has 4 children.

9. After all these years, removal of these implants is almost impossible.

Since it is risky for a 84 year old to have a surgery like this one, she has to carry her implants all her life.

We admire your strength and courage Timmie!

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