Meet The Rebellious Runaway Sheep, Shrek!


Sheep are always considered to be obedient, easy to convince and, you know, a bit naive. But Shrek's story will definitely change your opinion of how brave they actually are. Shrek showed all the other sheep what they're capable of. A true role model when it comes to rage against the system. May his legacy be with us forever and ever!

1. Shrek was a merino sheep that lived in New Zealand and got shaved for its wool once a year.

2. But Shrek had enough of this. It was about time to make a stand and show others the way out.

3. Shrek waited and waited and waited...Until that perfect moment came, and he ran away from the farm. Ran as fast as he could!

4. He finally did it! He was free, one with nature, and far far away from evil farmers!

5. He spent 6 years in his cave! 6 whole years!!! As a result, the amount of wool around him was absolutely huge!

6. It got so hard for him to be able to move and feed himself. No one was there to help him anymore. :/

7. Shrek couldn't handle this, and in the end, he was found...After 6 years in 2004!

8. A brand new chapter began for Shrek. The whole country was talking about him and obviously, his looks.

9. And the evil clipper he ran away from finally got him...And this time, it was live broadcasted to the whole nation!

10. 20 minutes and it was all gone!

11. The amount of wool clipped was enough to make 20 suits from scratch!

12. 60 pounds of wool! Shrek got so famous that he even greeted other countries' presidents.

13. When Shrek passed away in 2011, he was 16 years old and lived a glorious life!

14. He left a massive legacy and most importantly, hope for other sheep.

15. Here's the TV footage about Shrek's death...

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