Meet The Fashionista Giant: Kristina Bazan!


Kristina Bazan is no stranger to those who follow fashion bloggers. Bazan continues to inspire us with her looks and her career. Let's get to know her better, shall we? 👇🏼

1. Bazan was born in Minsk, The Republic of Belarus, in 1993.

She grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and currently lives in Los Angeles.

2. Bazan founded Kayture with her business partner James Chardon in 2011. Her blog immediately attracted a lot of visitors around the world.

Click here to check out the web site.

3. She opened up this website to showcase her own creativity.

Bazan actually wanted to become a writer or an interior architect. She claims that she had never imagined these to happen. The creativity she showcased has made her world famous.

4. Her life has changed completely after this website.

5. She began to get invited to all fashion events.




9. She started modelling for brands.

10. She became the first fashion blogger to ever make a campaign with Cartier.

She also is the first blogger to make a million dollar agreement.

11. The creative young blogger, who achieved a tremendous success,

12. is now working and modelling for the most famous brands of the world.

13. She also wants to become world famous with her modelling career.

14. With her beautiful face and sincere attitude, Bazan is followed by many people.




18. We say good luck to Kristina Bazan! Don't stop being awesome, you inspire us!

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