Meet The 3rd-Term Mayor Of Cormorant, Minnesota - A Dog Named Duke!


In 2014, twelve write-in votes won this dog the title of Mayor for a small town in Minnesota.  He was not only re-elected the next year, but has once again been re-elected in 2016.

Duke is a Great Pyrenees who has been elected Mayor a whopping three times in a row.

And he's doing a damn fine job.

Cormorant is a township in Minnesota and only 1,000 people reside there.

But they all voted for Duke!

In Duke's 2014 inauguration, the chairman of Cormorant Township, Steve Sorenson, swore Duke into office:

“You are about to embark upon a great time of service, and tremendous personal and professional growth. If you accept this challenge and these responsibilities, please bark or pant.”

Duke panted.

Duke's so popular that he's also been seen on billboards around town.

Here he is being interviewed on the news

We wish Duke all of the luck in the world in his next year as Mayor!

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