Learn How To Cool Down Your House Using Zero Electricity!


Since it's been nearly impossible to live without AC lately, a Bangladeshi inventor came up with a perfect idea to cool down our houses!!

In Daulatdia, where 28,000 people live in huts without electricity, the temperature sometimes hits 110 degrees in summer.

So a genius mind named Ashis Paul built a non-electric panel to solve the heat problem.

We all know hot air comes out when we breath out, but the air is colder when we blow the air with our lips pursed...

This is the exactly how this panel system works!

This is how this air conditioner, named the “Eco Cooler” works;

It starts by cutting the panel boards down to the size of the desired windows. Then continues by cutting empty plastic bottles' bottoms and using only the funnel-shaped bottlenecks to place them into the holes on the panel boards. That is all this AC needs to start cooling your house down!

When those panels are mounted in front of the windows, the bottlenecks compress the hot air and funnels the cool air inside.

It's been 3 months and Ashis Paul's system is already being used in 25,000 houses now. The goal is to reach every single house!


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