Lagerfeld's Amazing Library Will Surely Steal The Hearts Of Book Lovers!


Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has a huge library in his house. This library has a really unique design. This is not surprising for anyone as being unique is Lagerfeld's signature.


1. Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most talented fashion designers of the century. He is the head creative director of Fendi and Chanel.

Style icon Karl Lagerfeld is known to bring out an unique creative perspective to anything he has involved with!

2. This situation is also valid for German designer's library which is located in his house.

3. You've probably seen gorgeous libraries on your own but Lagerfeld's library reaches into a whole new level.

4. Lagerfeld has made a successful harmony when designing his modern house and library. The most interesting part of this library is the horizontal placement of the books.

Lagerfeld especially wanted to place the books this way. Otherwise, he is not able to read the names of the books.

5. As you can see it from the photographs, Lagerfeld's house has a high-ceiling. Legendary designer uses a ladder to reach out the books over the top shelves.

A special platform is designed in order to easily browse through the library.

6. This magical library is a book lover's daydream!

7. We're not jealous of you Karl😏

Maybe a little envious of your library. That's all! 😍

8. Do you like Lagerfeld's library?

Yes, I do. I wish I had a library like this one.
No, I don't. It is not classy. It looks a mess!



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