Justin Bieber Went Crazy After Drinking Lots Of Iced Coffee And Shared The Same Selfie 8 Times


We hope you didn't go too much on drinking iced cofee my man. The whole world is curious of what you're going to do, what you're going to create! We wouldn't want a couple cups of iced coffee to ruin everything you've worked so hard for! Try some iced tea next time you want to feel refreshed!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferabidor/...

Imagine you're Justin Bieber and you're bored in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday.


You think to yourself, "I bet my 86.8 million Instagram followers would love to see a selfie right now..."

The crowd goes wild! So you're like, "Hmm, I wonder if they'd like one that's shifted to the left a little..."

And, oh boy, THEY DO. THEY REALLY DO. So moments later you're emboldened to take this selfie closer than ever before...

And much closer!

Even more closer than you can think!

His instagram feed looked like this:

This is art Justin! Bravo!


Of course it didn't end there. He went live on instagram and told the whole world that he was drinking iced coffee!

We needed to know what you were drinking. We'll definitely be more careful next time we're drinking iced coffee!

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