How Do Things We Buy To Improve Our Life Standards Actually End Up Eating Us Alive!

> How Do Things We Buy To Improve Our Life Standards Actually End Up Eating Us Alive!

A new model cell phone, a sophisticated computer, fashionable outfits, accessories to fill the gaps in the house ...

It's not a problem to say that the products we buy is living life more than we do. We show more care to the stuff we buy than we do to ourselves. We care about protecting them and want to buy the new version all the time. And the things that we buy are determining the course of our lives.

But how come consumerism is taking control over our lives?

Let's take a look.

Recently, which is much longer than you might think, it's really difficult to resist a new mobile phone, a thinner tablet, and trendy outfits.

Especially when the marketing is so great.

Or "limited" discount days for big brands to get you started! While it is expected that everything bought will bring 'happiness' ...

What it brings is just debts that are hard to pay.

And working more and more afterwards.

More stress.

Taking more times from yourself and your loved ones.

It's hard to say that the times we didn't take are very productive! It is very difficult to have a peaceful and enjoyable time when people have debts, duties, and a feeling of dissatisfaction that they can never feed.

Physical and mental fatigue that is not understood at first but makes us know it's there day by day!

We mostly take from ourselves. From our dreams, our happiness and of course our health. Because at first they make us feel happy and increase our quality of life, we become slaves to what we have. And, unfortunately, we spend our days obeying.

Although they have no use whatsoever, everything we buy limits us! And instead of us living in our houses, the stuff we don't need but buy fill the space!

Because of the value we give to our clothes we haven't worn for so many years, we don't even realize we only need a little bit of clothing.

And most of us really only use 15% of the wardrobe. We wear our favorite outfits from time to time, the rest of them just take up space. Another fact is that keep the clothes we never wear to ourselves rather than giving them to people in need.

One of the greatest evils this does to us is that we're not satisfied with anything we have, don't know the value of the things we have and always want more. While actually having everything.

Hopefully someday we'll start caring for people, animals, life and the world instead of materials.🌿