Here’s Why You Always Forget People's Names, And 5 Simple Tricks To Remember Them!


A lot of people have problems remembering people’s names. And if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably one of them. Here’s the scientific explanation of your problem, and a few tricks to overcome it!

There’s a widely accepted theory on this...

Names have no “meaning.” Not that the word itself should have a meaning, names don’t have meanings about people. They’re random and have nothing to do with people who have them. Let’s say your name is Daisy, you look nothing like a daisy, do you?

If the brain can't make connections it's more more likely to forget the data.

Names hold little information so the brain struggles to form a connection. We tend to remember things that we can make connections to the data we already have in mind.

Another reason is that you probably don’t care much about the person whose name you keep forgetting.

For most of us, people we’ve just met are not that important. The brain, who thinks that we will never encounter that person, doesn't prefer to store this data about them.

There’s one more reason...

When we meet a new person, our brain usually stays in its routine instead of focusing on the person we’ve just met. We keep thinking about what we’ll say next, how to charm or influence or seduce the other person etc. In doing so, it gets difficult to handle the information that is coming from the other party. And since a name is an abstract piece of information, it is hard to remember it later.

There are solutions, of course.

One of them is trying to make a connection between the name and the person, but then again, the name is abstract information and usually has nothing to do with the person, so this might not work very efficiently.

Instead, try something else.

Repeat the name as you speak. Call their names a few times during your conversation. By actively using a person's name you are not only practicing it, you are also getting your mind used to the idea that you are socially interested in the person - and that will boost your memory of them even further.

Or, pay attention to their face.

The trick here is to encourage your eyes to do a Z-shaped movement across a person's face, encompassing both eyes, their nose and the two corners of their mouth.

Look for a distinctive feature, and pay attention to that- it will be a landmark by which you'll come to recognize the person the next time round.


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