Here Here! Rumors About Scarlett Johansson's Marriage Certainly Raised Eyebrows!


The rumor mill is on the run: Hollywood talks about the divorce of Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac!

Scarlett Johansson is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexiest women of the century.

There's not a single doubt that she deserves this title.

It's so obvious why. 😍

Johansson as you all know married Ryan Reynolds in 2008 and this marriage ended after two years.

After a long period of loneliness we saw Johansson, in 2012, with the French journalist, Romain Dauriac, in New York having lunch together.

Not before long, a fresh love blossomed out between the couple.

The couple had their daughter, Rose Dorothy, shortly after their marriage in 2014.

Thus, their happy family portrait was complete.

The couple finding happiness in their marriage, even became business partners.

They established  Yummy Pop, the popcorn company.

Everything was going smooth; at least it seemed so.

Suddenly, rumors that the marriage of the couple was clouded up set tongues a wagging.

Many things were written about the couple, from another woman to business disputes.

However, none were proven right.

Another one has been added to these recently: rumor has it that their relation was so stuck that they decided to separate.

We've been approaching this rumor with suspicion, but Johansson's photos without her wedding ring were enough to verify the rumors.

The celebrity world was bandying about it: "The couple, which had married secretly, again divorced in secrecy!"

The couple had kept shtum at first.

Then, they were seen in an exhibition where they gave the impression that, "No, dears. We haven't divorced!"

According to what the guests said, they seemed very close, indeed.

Was this move done to prove that everything was all right with their marriage?

Or, were the rumors nothing more than fabricated news that aimed for the relationship between the couple?

Depending on our past experiences we say, "There's no smoke without fire."

And we impatiently await the news.

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