Here Are A Few Killer Tips From Beyoncé’s Very Own Makeup Artist!


You may have heard of him: Sir John, he does make up for people like Beyoncé, Serena Williams, and Kim Kardashian. He came in to do the makeup for the ladies at Buzzfeed, and gave these really good tips you can actually do!


To save time, dot your concealer for an everyday look. The triangle method is only necessary if you want maximum coverage.

Sir John says that the big triangle method under each eye is A LOT of coverage. A few dots under the eye and then spotting concealer wherever else there's a blemish is fine.

Don't hold your brushes like a "chubby pencil." Instead, hold them further up the handle for more fluidity and control when blending.

To achieve the unrefined brow look, brush your brows up first, fill them in, and set them with a clear brow gel.

For a more natural finish, keep all pigments monochromatic. Shades should only be two shades darker or lighter than each other.

If you use your hands to apply makeup, use your ring finger, as opposed to your pointer finger, for a more subtle application.

The ring finger is weaker than your pointer, so the application goes on lighter. The pointer finger is strong and more aggressive, and it shows in the application.

For a simple everyday look, add a little YAAAS factor by packing on the mascara! Here's Jessica's before and after.

To fill in your brows, start where you see spaces, not in the center.

Set your brows with a brow gel to keep them in place all day.

For a quick and easy eye look, apply a dark shadow to the inner and outer corners of your eyes and a light shadow to the middle.

Apply your foundation after your eyeshadow, because it's easier to clean up fallout on bare skin.

For Maitland, Sir John sculpted her eyes and gave her a really soft finish!

For a super-bold eye, "scribble all over your lid" with a knockout base color.

Really pack on the pigment and intensify the look by layering your base color with another similar shade.

Create a prismatic effect by applying a darker color than your base to the outer corners. This will give you more illusion and depth.

With a bold eye, you don't need eyeliner. A few coats of mascara are all you need to complete the look.

Sir John said Bim had perfect skin so he skipped the foundation and focused on creating this bold blue eye. So here's her before and after!

He says that curling your lashes opens your eyes. It seems like such a small step, but you can see a real difference.

For minimal definition, apply a cream contour one shade darker than your foundation to your temples, the hollows of your cheekbones, and the outline of the bridge of your nose...

...and blend!

For the perfect winged liner, make a dot where you want the wing to end and draw a connecting line from your inner corner to the dot. Clean the line with a damp pointed Q-tip.

You can line your bottom lash line with pencil if you haven't quite nailed liquid yet.

With Krutika, Sir John showed how to do a minimal contour, and he gave her this KILLER winged eye!

And here's the last model, Sylvia. To start, Sir John layered foundation instead of saturating her face with a lot of product.

For massive volume, wiggle the mascara brush back and forth from the root like you’re brushing your teeth. And use waterproof, because it holds your lash curl longer!

For a full and bold lip, overdraw the center of your top and bottom lip, and color in the full lip.

To make your lips look even more plump, go over them with a gloss in a similar shade.

For Sylvia, Sir John did a basic foundation routine and let this POPPIN' purple lip be the focal point!

Now let's go slay!
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