HBO Created Soprano Nicknames To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary And They're Wild AF!


HBO tweeted today that they are handing out Soprano-inspired nicknames for just about anyone who wants one, and answers are just wild and hilarious!

In celebration of Soprano's monumental anniversary, HBO is celebrating it by giving fans Soprano-inspired nicknames:

1. Roger Federer is one of the celebrities who responded to HBO's offer to give out Sopranos nicknames.

Then he was appropriated dubbed "The Feds."

2. He's not the only celeb taking part:

A legend!

3. He clearly needed to be a part of this moment....


5. Of course, Wendy’s wanted in on the action:

6. Poor Jack just wanted to have some fun on his own platform,

But HBO was merciless!

We need that button Jack!

7. You know what they say about Italian restaurant Olive Garden,

When you’re there, you’re...

8. This comes for,

Parks and Recreation fans!

9. Hulu was also happily looped in:



11. Can you even throw an HBO party without Game of Thrones?

12. Say good morning to Good Morning America’s new nickname:

Clever, right?

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