etiket Happiness Isn’t Your Thing? Here’s How To Ruin A Perfectly Fine Relationship In 16 Easy Steps!

> Happiness Isn’t Your Thing? Here’s How To Ruin A Perfectly Fine Relationship In 16 Easy Steps!

Sometimes relationships end for a good reason. People grow apart, and both parties are happier on their own, or with other people. BUT, not always. Sometimes people are just too good for each other that they can’t enjoy drama like all other couples do. Don’t get jealous, we have a few tips for you to sabotage your perfect relationship with your own bare hands. Congratulations, in advance, on ending up alone and miserable; or, of course, ending up with someone who treats you like sh*t!

1. Take selfies on every date. Hundreds of them.

2. Humiliate your partner in front of their friends.

3. Compare yourself to their ex.

Why stop there: insult their ex. There you go, muuuch better.

4. Expect them to reply to your texts in nanoseconds.

And when they don't, send hundreds of emojis to show how heartbroken you are.

5. The best way to end an argument: tears. God gave you your eyes for a reason. Use them.

6. Ask them where they are, what they're doing AND with whom, in every two minutes.

And of course, don't trust their answers. Do your own investigation.

7. Add all their relatives as friends Facebook as soon as your relationship becomes official.

Because now you're kind of family too, no?

8. Make them end up apologizing after every argument. Even if you're the one who's wrong.

Especially when you're wrong.

9. Even if you've been dating for a few months, talk about your future all the time. Bring up marriage stuff as well.

10. Rub their mistakes in their face occasionally. Don't ever forget them, although you seem like you've forgiven them.

11. Yell at them in public. Nobody has ever died from being a little rude.

12. Force them to choose between you and their friends.

Who needs friends when they have YOU.

13. Ask for their Facebook password. And if you can ever get it, delete all their attractive friends.

If you can't, ASK them to delete their attractive friends. Don't tell them that you think they're attractive though. That'll ruin it. You'll come up with a good reason, we trust you.

14. Make them go shopping with you for the things they have NO interest in.

And frown when they show no interest.

15. Tell all your friends about your private life. With all of the details and everything.

16. OR, here's a better idea: Share everything about your private life on social media.

Without asking their consent first, of course.

17. Congratulations, you've ruined your relationship and now wondering what went wrong.

You, dear. You went wrong.

18. Enjoy your date!

Maybe it's for the better. Who knows.