Guys Are Fighting Back By Posting Photos In Their GF's Clothes! :)


These dudes were so sick of losing their hoodies to their girlfriends that they started a war! :) As a reaction, they wear their GFs' clothes and share it on Twitter. And they are, of course, very amusing photos! 😂

Meet Godswill Muofhe, the pioneer!

Godswill Muofhe, a 21-year old student in Texas, started it all with this photo. 😂

And the campaign started with the hashtag #TakeHerHoodie.

And then...

Support from hundreds of men!

As if they had been all waiting for this moment to come for years, they started wearing their GF's clothes. 😂

Who wore it better? 😅

These men know very well that their hoodies will be taken away from them this winter, again.

But women find their hoodies quite comfy and warm.

And let us tell you the jolly news: more is coming!

Let's see what GFs' move will be...

We can't wait!


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