Guy Flew More Than 4,000 Km To Attend A Stag Party He Was Accidentally Invited!


A man was accidentally invited to a bachelor party. He did know anyone at that party and yet he flew 2500 miles to attend to this special event!

Will Novak, a plucky man from Phoenix, was accidentally invited to Angelo Onello's bachelor party two weeks ago.

Novak received an email meant for a different Will Novak in New York, but the party owners decided to let him come anyway.

“I don’t know anyone in Vermont, I don’t know how to ski, I don’t know Angelo, but I thought, I’ll write back a silly email just to make these guys laugh,” Novak said.

Novak decided to make a GoFundMe page asking for donations to help him.

“Help me go to the bachelor party of a stranger,” reads the fundraising page. He set a goal of $750.

The page quickly raised over $4,000 and Novak went to party with the strangers in Vermont,

...including the man with a similar name!

He made 2,500 miles trip for some fun in the snow with his new friends, who are total strangers!

“I had a great time, you know, everything fell into place,” Angelo said. “It was a total remarkable story, we were just rolling with it, [I] didn’t know what was going to happen.” he said.

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