Glamping Or Camping At Music Festivals? That Is The Question!


Music festivals either rock or suck... Here are the proofs that they suck!


1. If you have festival beverage expectations...DO NOT have it!

2. Food you want to eat vs Food that you end up eating

3. When reality hits you in the face...

4. Glamping or camping? Of course, it is camping.

5. That's called festival fashion.

6. The weather always ends up like this.

7. If you still have festival beverage expectations...

8. Admit it, the first bathroom is too good to be true.

9. Kiddy pool is a great idea...but in practise.

10. Tent life at its finest.

11. Car camping mornings that you imagine vs Car camping mornings that you face

12. It is a matter of survival when you think about the weather.

13. "Go to festivals" they say..."It will be fun" they say..

14. Hit the road Jack, AND DON'T YOU COME BACK!

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