Fire Burns! 23 People Who Decided To Experience Firsthand Burns!


We have all tried to play with fire, because we were all told not to. The things that are off-limits automatically become more enticing. However, most of us probably aren't as ballsy as these 23 people we mention here. 😁

Here are those people who suffered from playing with fire!

1. I think we're lucky we survived puberty.☺️

2. You had one job. 😧

3. Just get rid of the cigarette, dude. 🚬

4. What are you trying to prove there, man? 😆

5. "I'm on fire!"

6. Are you putting out a camp fire? That's his junk for God's sake!

7. Umm, dude! You are on fire, literally!

8. I think he missed the "Don't try this at home." part! 😖

9. Well, that escalated quickly! 😯

10. Trial and error, and a majestic fail! 😁

11. What did she have for lunch? 😂

12. These are the idiots of the Fire Challenge! 😐

These are the idiots of the Fire Challenge! 😐
These are the idiots of the Fire Challenge! 😐

13. He didn't see THAT coming! 😧

14. You can only keep looking cool while on fire for so long.😅

15. So this is a pretty universal behavior of humans. 😯

16. Ouch! 😱

17. You don't have to put everything in your mouth! 😏

18. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger??? 😁

19. Oh, you poor little thing. I hope this was at least a valuable life lesson. 😥

20. In your face!

21. Houston, we have a problem!

22. Even the experts make mistakes. 😕

23. Seriously, what did you expect? 😅

Video Bonus: Harlem Shake

Caution Bonus: The dangers of hydrogen, which is used because it's cheap. 🚫

Warning: Make for sure it's helium (non-flammable) when you buy flying balloons for your kids.

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