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Decisions, decisions, decisions... You have to make decisions all the time in order to live. Scientific research shows that our decisions are significantly affected by our mental state. Who wouldn't want to make better decision all the time? Science is here to help you!!!

Each of us are making decisions on a daily basis and reflect them in our lives.

While some of us make small decisions about our daily lives, some of us have to make significant decisions both professionally and personally.

All of these decisions have one single thing in common... they happen in a time frame, usually a time frame that we picked either consciously or unconsciously.

Did you know that when you're making a decision, the time and the place play a significant role?

Most of the time, we don't think deeply about the decisions, as we constantly have to make them. Little do we know is that decisions are based on psychological backgrounds.

Recent studies show that some time slots during the day have a significant importance on how we impress other people with our actions.

Research shows that most of us are mentally strong and relaxed in the morning hours.

Most people begin the day relaxed and calm. As the day goes on, we begin to face daily problems that drain our mental sources.

In short, our behaviors get weaker and weaker as the day reaches the end.

We have a tendency to become more rude and skeptical as the day goes by because our brain and body gets tired.

After working for long hours, you cognitively get tired. This causes distraction and you lose focus. This decreases your overall performance.

In short, the decisions we make throughout the day are affected by the times of the day, either positive or negative.

An analysis was done in a probation court that focuses on a study done about decision making: 1,112 cases and their final decisions were analyzed.

Results show that the judges tend to make more negative decisions as the day passes. 65% of the positive decisions are made in the earlier hours of the day. The number decreases as it gets closer to the end of the day. 

As a matter of fact, the decisions tend to be more negative at the trials which are done near the lunch break. The percentage of making a positive decision is near 0%.

In the afternoon, when the case starts, this pattern repeats itself. This means that the possibility of making a positive decision about the suspect decreases during the day and reaches around zero percent at the end of the day.

However, most of the judges and lawyers don't realize that having a lunch break can have a significant effect on increasing mental energy.

All of these results point to one single thing: We become cognitively tired during the day. This can eventually drag us into making bad decisions.

Moreover, some time frames of the day effect our relationships with other people. Though we are familiar with the idea of tiredness affecting our performance, we don't often think that it has an effect on our decisions.

When you have to go through big decisions, try to pick times that you're mentally energetic!

It's known that our performance and decision making abilities are improved through the mental support of our brains!

It is possible to reach more positive outcomes by setting meetings in the morning. Doesn't matter if it's a date or a work meeting...

Especially a breakfast date sounds good!

Keep in mind this trick the next time you're about to make a life changing decision… 😉

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