Everybody Loves Cool Justin: Is Trudeau The Sexiest Leader In The World?


Unless you also happen to be a businesswoman, reality TV personality, socialite, author, model and scion of Donald Trump , you probably don't have much in common with Ivanka Trump.

Yet when Canadian PM and international dreamboat Justin Trudeau recently visited the White House, the US President's eldest daughter suddenly became a whole lot more relatable. Sitting at a roundtable discussion about women in the workplace two days ago, Ivanka was pictured gazing at Trudeau like a woman in a beautiful dream from which she never wants to wake.

It seems that Justin Trudeau has the same effect on almost all the women. Not even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Emma Watson who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movie franchise, and Michelle Obama could not escape Justin Trudeau’s charms.

As Canada's Prime Minister sets hearts aflutter, here's a short run down of the ladies caught blushing while talking to him in photographs:

Before we start, this entirely gratuitous and unrelated clip of him in boxing gear may help you understand why he's such a hit with the laydeez.

Let's look at the evindence. Here is the most recent case proving Trudeau's charm on ladies:

The meeting between Trudeau and members of the Trump administration raised eyebrows when Ivanka tweeted a picture of herself alongside her father and Trudeau in the President’s seat, despite not officially holding a position in his office.

He is so hot that even her dad cracked a smile.

Or do you remember the moment Trudeau welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

She may be married to an actual prince, but even Kate Middleton is not immune to the charms of the man dubbed 'PM Steal Yo Girl'.

After meeting Trudeau back in September, Emma wrote on her Facebook page, "A privilege to talk to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today about gender equality and the importance of bringing young people into politics."

Michelle Obama's first encounter with Trudeau also seems to have gone well:

Joining the party, Angela Merkel!

The two met just yesterday and Merkel's relieved face says a lot!

Speaking of the Obamas:

Of course, all of this is pointed out in jest. Trudeau is a happily married man and father of three (though we did enjoy the wonderful 'bromance' between him and Obama).

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