Don't Give Up! 14 Reasons Why Generation Y Gives Up Too Easily!


Some say we're the lost generation. Going around in circles, not finding what we seek, and failing over and over again. But sometimes, you need to look deeper...Here are 14 reasons why we usually give up too easily.

1. Our whole life is a god damn scam!

As Chuck Palahniuk once said in Fight Club, "we all grew up thinking we'd end up rock stars or heroes...Sadly, we all found out we're nothing more than modern slaves..."

2. We've been raised like race horses!

We were always exposed to racing. Racing against the time, racing against others, racing with the teacher and so on...Now, we just give up on racing...

3. They told us everyone is equal! Such bullsh*t!

While you work 10-12 hour shifts, the other guy just rides around in his Ferrari, thinking of new ways to spend money. The world has never been fair and it never will be!

4. We were forced to learn so many things we'd never use!

Raising beans on cotton, learning all those useless equations, thinking we'd always solve problems about how to fill the pool faster, and such.

5. We are and we were frightened!

"You'll end up penniless, wandering around the streets all broke." "You'll be hungry, you won't support your family," and more. No one said this would leave us unhappy!

6. They told us we'd win, as long as we're good people. Lies!

On the contrary, all the others have used us for our good will!

7. We believed in stupid romances on stupid tv shows!

We thought love was all about fame, money, riding fancy cars and buying fancy gifts. We always felt scared to love someone!

8. We were pushed into a vicious cycle! We can't get out!

Every day is the same. Every act is the same. We can't do creative, productive things and we can't spend time on our hobbies...

9. No one liked or appreciated what we accomplished.

No one appreciated it...They always told us to go further, get better grades, do better things..We never felt at peace with what we have or what we did.

10. We thought adult life would be a walk in the park...

We always dreamed about growing up and we thought it'd be easy. No one told us it'd be a freaking swamp!

11. We are nothing more than droids, always serving bigger names.

We were all the same. No one treated us differently because we had different qualities. All of us had the same goals and all of us were dictated the same things.

12. It was all about showing off and quantity, not quality.

We thought we wouldn't exist if we didn't show off. All those check-ins, all those uploads all those status updates...They were all for nothing!

13. And then, we felt lonely...We became the outsiders of our own cities...

And this is why we try so hard to prove ourselves...Yet still, we accomplish nothing.

14. To sum up, the system was a bulldozer and it ran over us, just like that!

And this is why we give up easily...Shame on your for raising us with tons of lies!

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