Dear Pet Parents, Look Out For These 14 Signs In Your Pets.


There are very few things we wouldn't do for our four-legged friends. In this list created by Brightside, we collected the 15 signs that might be your pets asking for help.


Losing their appetite.

If your beloved animal stops enjoying their favorite food and/or doesn't consume water, this can be a sign of a wide range of conditions that your vet would be able to recognize.

Hiding from you in unusual ways.

If your cat or dog escapes eye-contact or hides around the house, this might be due to a physical issue and it can be more serious than you think! Get them checked out by a vet!

Uncharacteristic exhaustion.

If your pet baby doesn't want to play games with you but prefers napping a lot more than usual, this might signal a serious issue with their heart. It can also be due to a parasite. It is best to be safe than sorry and get them checked out.

Repeatedly hunching their backs.

Hunched backs or tails in between their legs are ways of showing that they are in serious pain. If they repeat this behavior, make sure that you book an appointment with your vet. This can be a sign of kidney stones or other kidney problems.

Licking the same spot on their body.

This one may be a bit harder to notice as our babies lick themselves a lot throughout the day. However, if you notice that they are anxious, and they seem to be in pain as they do this, go to a clinic as soon as possible.

Swollen bellies, puking, or gas.

These symptoms signal a parasite or a digestion problem. They might also be caused by a urinary tract problem. The best way to find out is seeing a professional!

Running out of breath without a reason.

If your baby is hyperventilating without much physical action, they might be struggling with stress issues or health problems.

Hissing or intense meowing.

When animals are in pain, they may become more aggressive. Don't take this personally, as they are just asking for help. This can be anything from fever to encephalopathy.

Irritation or pain while peeing.

Most cats meow before using the litter box to let you know what is about to happen. However, if your cat is going around in discomfort and crying, this signals that there might be an issue with their excretory system.

Resting their heads on the wall for extended periods of times.

This may be how a nervous system problem surfaces. It can be due to an injection, physical damage, or a tumor. The best thing for your baby would be to go through an overall check-up.

Swollen spots on the body.

Check your baby regularly for any irregularities over their body. If you ever find something that doesn't look like it is caused by a simple hit, you should get your dog or cat checked.

Limping or other issues with their legs.

If your pet has limping that lasts more than a few days, you must get it checked immediately! If untreated, these issues may even end in amputation!

Inner membrane of the eye being visible.

Under normal conditions, this membrane only becomes visible when they are sleeping. However, if it stays visible when the animal is awake, this points to a health problem such as the panleukopenia virus.

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