Coregasm: It Is Now Possible For Women To Have Orgasms Without Having Sex!


Right now a new trend is spreading among women! This trend claims that it is possible to reach orgasm without masturbating or having sex. But how is this possible?

1. What is this coregasm anyway?

Coregasm is a concept derived from the combination of the words "core" and "orgasm." It is used to describe the orgasms that are reached while exercising. While this situation is extremely rare among men, there are a considerable number of women who have experienced this phenomenon.

2. It is possible to reach orgasms while keeping your body fit and healthy at the same time.

Women who would like to experience this phenomenon are filling up the gyms. Coregasm enables them to reach orgasm without sex or masturbation. The intensity of coregasms varies from small pleasures to proper orgasms.

3. Coregasms are scientifically proven as well.

530 women participated in an experiment which was conducted by Indiana University. 246 of these women stated that they experience sexual pleasure during exercise. The remaining 124 confessed that they reach full orgasms during exercise.

4. You don't have to be sexually aroused to experience coregasms.

It should be noted that a coregasm has nothing to do with the people around the gym. It is completely an individual experience.

5. Well...How could someone have orgasms without being aroused?

Exercising activates the neural system of a woman's body. Rapid movements increase heartbeats and blood pressure. The stretching of core and leg muscles enable the body to reach orgasm.

6. Which exercises are good for reaching coregasm?

Exercises such as rope climbing, weight lifting, and spinning can provide coregasms. Also, yoga and pilates can be helpful for coregasms.

7. What are the percentages?

The experiment done in Indiana University revealed interesting percentages about coregasms. The percentages of the exercises that cause coregasms are shown below:

45% Core exercise

20% Yoga

16.5% Weight Lifting

12.8% Running

5.7% Brisk Walking

8. Now you have a solid reason to go to the gym!

See ladies, exercising is crucial for your body! Who knew that you can reach orgasm while keeping your body fit and sexy? It's a WIN-WIN.

It is also proven that women who reach coregasm can reach orgasm in bed more easily compared to those who don't exercise. You don't need to look up for any other reasons to exercise!

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