Brand New Nail Trends: 29 Chic Nail Arts From New York Fashion Week!


The fashion marathon was run again in New York City.

This year in the New York Fashion Week, we were inspired by the imagination of designers and amazed by their collections. But we weren't only stunned by the clothes, the nail trend was really interesting too. Be prepared for very original nails you never tried before to come into your life next season. You will love it.

Here are 29 nail arts from the 2017 collection of New York Fashion Week:

1. Starting off with this fierce shade of red.

2. The balance of nude and red.

3. If you like simplicity, but you want to play around a little, this nail art is for you.

4. Art on nude colored nails is going to be very popular.

5. The harmony of these minimalistic cubes.

6. What about an inspiration from the 80s?

7. Look at these nails living in the colorful 80s.

8. You can reflect your soul on colorful nails next season.

9. With out of ordinary french manicures,

10. To completely different styles.

11. For wednesdays, we only wear pink.

12. The contrast of the colors on nails is going to be on the rise.

13. These nails are the definition of elegance.

14. These popart nails are the cutest.

15. Even the colors of the fall are going to be brighter next season..


17. And now, you don't even have to use a base color to do nailart.


19. This look will give the illusion of thinner and longer nails.

20. Finding the balance in chaos.

21. Inspired by the deserts, these nails look as hot as them!

22. Don't forget to make room for futuristic looks!

23. You can always spice things up with crystals.

24. We love these metalic nails.

25. Metalic whites will...

26. ...shine like never before!

27. Ombres won't only be in our hair anymore.

28. Another simplistic look with a little shine.

29. We'll see more of these striking, shiny but also simplistic nails in the upcoming season.

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