Barbie's Biggest Fan Azusa Sakamoto Spent All Her Fortune On Barbie Stuff!


We all know loving Barbie doesn't have an age or a dose. But how much is too much? Let's take a look at the life of Azusa Sakamoto who literally breathes Barbies...


Azusa Sakamato, the biggest Barbie fan since she was 15, is living in the Dream House.

She owns 145 Barbies, 40 Barbie themed pairs of shoes and 60 bags. As we can tell, she spends most of her budget on Barbie stuff.

When asked to chose between Barbies and her boyfriend, she picked her Barbies. Still, her biggest supporter in this craze is her boyfriend!

Despite all these, she states that she never tried to look like Barbie, and she believes everybody is beautiful as they are.

And her nail art is insane!

Sakamato is also very picky about the Barbie stuff she buys: it has to be pink.

Give me more pink, and more pink!

If the stuff she buys is not actually a Barbie brand, she turns it into one with stickers.

Is it enough pink for you yet? 😳

Yep, you saw it right. There is a Barbie sticker even on the toilet.

If you don't have a Barbie nail collection, you are not a real fan.

Bonus: Did you know she spent $70,000 for all these?

Bonus: Did you know she spent $70,000 for all these?
Bonus: Did you know she spent $70,000 for all these?

$5,000 on Barbies, $2,500 on Barbie shoes, $23,000 on Barbie clothes, $11,500 on Barbie bags and accessories, $27,000 on Barbie furnishings, $3,000 on Barbie trips and collector's conventions...

We wish more happy pink days for Azusa. 😌

You can check out her Instagram page here.

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