Aston Martin's Answer To The Guy Who Tweeted To Get Free Stuff From Companies


Ever wanted to get your hands on a free Aston Martin? Haven’t we all. But hey, keep on dreaming, right? Well, not if you’re this guy. Because as you can see below, he just managed to bag a brand new James Bond mobile with one simple tweet. Well, sort of.


Ever wanted to get free stuff from stores? Haven’t we all.

We have to tell you that this is possible. A man got an Aston Martin only with a tweet. Well, sort of.

British Artist Hector Janse van Rensburg recently tweeted a picture of himself just hanging out in the bath

Of course, you have to focus on the 'Radox' shower gel in the picture.

This was his tweet:

To his surprise, Radox replied to him

Yes, this really happened.

He proudly displayed his new gifts in a follow-up tweet

Realizing he was onto a good idea, he tried his trick a second time

Despite his somewhat ambitious stunt, Aston Martin actually responded and offered him a free car!

It might be a little smaller than he was hoping for, but still, not a bad haul from a couple of simple tweets!


Well, you gotta be happy with what you have.
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