An American's Experience of Using India’s Butt Hose For the First Time!


As Ryan Broderick made his very first trip to India, he decided to try using the butt hoses. He had some prejudices at the beginning but now he's totally addicted to them! We compiled his story from Buzzfeed! Enjoy !

1. India is a wonderful country with delicious food, nice people and fascinating sceneries.

2. India also has the most useful bidet nozzles or ‘butt hoses’ ever.

3. Many toilets in India have these configurable taps or hoses.

4. In fact, most Indian people do not even like to use toilet paper.

This brought this question to Ryan’s mind; Do Western people hang around with poop on their butts?

5. According to Ryan’s observations, most bars in Mumbai there are only buckets and mug floating.

6. No toilet paper or nozzle.

7. So our American friend had to fill his pockets with napkins.

8. Every Indian person he has met advised him to try the water. But Ryan was just too afraid of getting his pants wet.

9. And the big day has come.

10. As we said, he admits that he was a bit prejudiced towards the butt hoses.

11. But, once he tried using it, he realized that it was just like a regular bidet, a little more controllable one.

12. He used just a little bit of toilet paper. He even says that he could get addicted to butt hoses in a very short time.

13. “ Its time for Western to embrace butt hoses”

14. We’ll see what happens 😂

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