A Guide To The Most Popular Sex Positions!


Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right. We present to you the ultimate source for those who want to satisfy their partners. Take notes, as the surveys in the countries have gathered the most preferred positions and if not today, you may need it for future reference. If your country isn't one of those in the list, keep in mind that the results are very close around the world... and who knows, maybe you will have a lover from these countries one day!

Source: http://thechive.com/2016/12/07/which-sex...

First let's look at the countries that were surveyed.


Over 2000 people answered surveys for this research. Volunteers were chosen from the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Leading position in general is the "doggy style."


Among all who joined the survey, without a difference for genders or sexual orientation, "doggy style" is the leading position with 35.1%. "Missionary" is the second on the list with 22.5%. Third place goes to "cowgirl" with 19.4%. These are followed by legs on shoulders (4.3%), "69" (4.3%), "spooning" (4.1%), "reverse cowgirl" (3.9%), "oral" (3.2%), "anal" (2.1%), and "tabletop" (1.2%). Many explain their reason of preference for "doggy style" as it allows for deeper penetration and easier access to the G-spot. "Cowgirl" is preferred greatly as it allows the woman more control of the pace, depth of penetration, and the rhythm.

The result is the same with each gender.


When genders are separated for the results, "doggy style" is the preference for both. Men's list go as; 

  • 1- Doggy style, 

  • 2- Cowgirl, 

  • 3- Missionary, 

  • 4- Reverse Cowgirl,

  • 5- 69, 

  • 6- Spooning, 

  • 7- Oral, 

  • 8- Legs on shoulders, 

  • 9- Anal, 

  • 10- Tabletop. While the women choose; 

  • 1- Doggy style, 

  • 2- Missionary, 

  • 3- Cowgirl, 

  • 4- Legs on shoulders, 

  • 5- Spooning, 

  • 6- 69, 

  • 7- Oral, 

  • 8- Reverse cowgirl, 

  • 9- Kneeling Wheelbarrow, 

  • 10- Tabletop.

According to sexual orientations...


Heterosexual preferences are: 

1- Doggy style, 2- Missionary, 3- Cowgirl, 4- Reverse cowgirl, 5- Legs on shoulders.

Bisexual preferences are: 

1- Doggy style, 2- Cowgirl, 3- Missionary, 4- Legs on shoulders, 5- Anal.

Homosexual preferences are: 

1- Doggy style, 2- Missionary, 3- 69, 4- Oral, 5- Anal.

Now let's see the individual countries.


The USA, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and Romania chose "doggy style" as their main preference. Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium choose "cowgirl". The favorite position of Hungary and Portugal is legs on shoulders. While the Dutch chose "missionary," the Polish prefer "spooning."

The list is completely different when it comes to experimenting.


"Tabletop" with 19.9% is the leader for positions that people want to try out. "Standing 69" follows with 16.1%. Third place goes to "kneeling wheelbarrow" with 13.4%. These are followed by "anal" (12.1%), "reverse cowgirl" (9%), "standing" (8.7%), "doggy style" (6.4%), "69" (5.3%), "legs on shoulders" (5%), and "spooning" (4.2%).

Positions that different genders want to try:


The results for men are; 1- Standing 69, 2- Anal, 3- Tabletop, 4- Kneeling wheelbarrow, 5- Reverse cowgirl, 6- Standing, 7- Doggy style, 8- 69, 9- Legs on shoulders, 10- Spooning.

The results for women are; 1- Tabletop, 2- Kneeling wheelbarrow, 3- Standing 69, 4- Standing, 5- Reverse cowgirl 6- Legs on shoulders, 7- Doggy style, 8- 69, 9- Missionary, 10- Spooning.

It may not be surprising that anal sex is the second preference for men, while it didn't make the list for women.

What different sexual orientations want to try:


For heterosexuals: 1- Tabletop, 2- Standing 69, 3- Kneeling wheelbarrow, 4- Anal, 5- Reverse cowgirl.

For bisexuals: 1- Tabletop, 2- Standing 69, 3- Kneeling wheelbarrow 4- Standing, 5- Reverse cowgirl.

For homosexuals: 1- Standing 69, 2- Tabletop, 3- Kneeling wheelbarrow, 4- Reverse cowgirl, 5- Standing.

Again, back to individual countries...


For positions people want to try out, the USA, the UK, Portugal, Italy, and Germany are curious about "tabletop." While Spain and Holland prefer "Standing 69," Austria and Switzerland want to try "anal" the most. Poland chose "69" and Romania chose "Legs on shoulders," while Hungarians preferred "reverse cowgirl" in this category.

Participants were also asked how they learned these positions.


53.8% of males answered this question with "porn," while 21.9% answered with online content that's not porn, and 16.4% said that they learned these positions from their partners. 7.9% learned the positions from films and TV programs. The list is different for women. 19% of the women learn the positions for porn, while 30% learn from online content that's not porn. The highest rate for women is learning from the partner, with 42.2%. The lowest rate again is 8.8% women who learned from films and TV programs.

The last question is which partner wants to try out new positions.


75.3% of men say that it's them, not the partner. Therefore, those who claim that it's their partner who suggests new positions is 24.3%. For women, the rates are a little closer. While 41.7% of women say that they are the ones wanting to try new positions, 58.3% claim otherwise. 

We hope that these statistics help up to a point. If you are too shy to ask your partner their preference of sex position, take this as a starting guide. Good luck, and be safe!

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