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9 Things To Change Forever When You Find Your Soulmate!

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Finding your soulmate is never easy. But when you do, the feeling is indescribable. You have to go through it to know what we are talking about. Not so long after, you notice how certain things don't matter to you anymore. The things you used to care so much about mean nothing now. Here are 9 things that change completely after you've found your soulmate.

1. That one annoying habit

Some certain things used to drive you crazy. Whistles in the morning, loud noises when chewing, or sudden burps after dinner. But now you tolerate all these things from your soulmate, but you'd still freak out if someone else did any of these. For your soulmate, the whole thing has changed.

2. All the body hair you'd hate on someone else!

When you really love someone, you love them as a whole. And this whole includes all the minor flaws and any certain body hair. Maybe you turned down so many people because of things like this, but when you're with your S.O., all the body hair you used to freak about means nothing to you anymore. On the contrary, you start liking those flaws because they come together and give life to your soulmate.

3. Annoying worries about future

It's in our nature. People keep making future plans and worry over them for quite some time. We live in a world of uncertainty and this uncertainty makes most of us uncomfortable. 

But when you've found the one, all of these will slowly start fading away. You know you can face any challenge, as long as you are together. You will always have support!

4. Your complexes

You used to be ashamed about certain things, like your height or your stuttering. You felt embarrassed each and every time you had a date. But remember, they love you for who you are, with or without your problems.

With them, you start realizing all those stupid complexes don't matter anymore. They never did! Nobody's perfect, and things like these make you different... make you special!

5. Things you'd normally hate!

Things like wet bathroom floors, leaving the toilet seat up, or make-up that has gone bad. You can, and you will, want them still. Love has no conditions. You love them at their best and at their worst. Be there to cry with them, be there to laugh with them.

6. Looks and appeal

You may find it a cliche, but it is what it is. Beauty might be the most relative term in the whole world, and most of us use our looks and appeal for first impressions. The more you start loving someone, the more you find them attractive. 

In the end, it's not looks that will guide you to a brighter future. As the time goes by, you'll see how none of these ever mattered in the first place!

7. Privacy

Well, we all need our privacy from time to time. When you were single, privacy meant everything to you. You had to maintain your identity and "me time." You never wanted to be one of those couples who did everything together.

But when you meet your other half, you realize that you can never be one those couples because you complete each other. When you are together, you do much more, and they mean so much more to you. Bottom line is, you make each other stronger!

8. Life choices

As mentioned before, love means unconditional support. Under any condition or circumstances, you will have support. As a result, this applies to all your possible life choices that might make you or them unhappy. 

Once you meet the right person, you feel capable of anything. You know you’ll be there for each other, no matter what happens. That safety net has the power to make you braver.

9. What others think...

At first, you always ask others' opinion. You value people's advice, and you sometimes actually shape your relationship according to them. But as you two progress, you get into this mindset of why the f*ck would I care about your opinion?

You two are special and you two are unique. You can face any challenge and you can easily face what others might say...

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Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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