9 Things The Color Of Your Pee Says About Your Health


Eyes are the window to the soul, and your pee is to your body. The density, smell and color of your pee says a lot about the state of your health. Cleveland Clinic has created an infographic to help you notice what might be wrong with your body according to the color of your pee. Here are those colors and their meanings.

Source: https://health.clevelandclinic.org

1. Let’s start with “healthy” colors:

  • No color (transparent)

  • Pale straw color

  • Transparent yellow

  • Dark yellow

If the color of your pee is one of these, it’s normal.

2. However, you need to be careful if it’s dark yellow.


If your pee is yellow or transparent, it means you’re hydrated. But if it’s dark yellow, you need to drink some water soon.

3. The color and the smell of your pee are determined by several factors.


Some medications, laxatives, chemotherapy drugs can make your urine darker than normal. If you’ve taken one of these, the dark color of the urine shouldn’t scare you immediately.

4. Amber or honey


It means you’re not getting enough water. You should be careful about your water intake.

5. Syrup or brown ale


You could have liver disease, or it may be an indication of severe dehydration. You should probably see your doctor.

6. Foaming or fizzing


It’s a harmless hydraulic effect, if occasional. But could also indicate excess protein in your diet or a kidney problem. See a doctor if foaming happens all the time.

7. Pink to reddish


If you’ve eaten a lot of red-pigmented foods like beets, rhubarb, or blueberries, then you're probably fine. If not, you may have blood in your urine. Or it could be a sign of kidney disease, tumors, urinary tract infections, prostate problems or something else. Maybe even lead or mercury poisoning. You should see your doctor.

8. Orange


It is again might be a sign of dehydration. Or, you could have a liver or bile condition. It can also be food dye. Again, you should see your doctor.

9. Blue or green


There’s a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine blue or green. Also, certain bacteria can infect the urinary tract. But it’s probably just food dye you just ate. It may also be caused by some medication. It’s probably not something serious, but see your doctor if it persists.

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