9 Things Only A Short Tempered Person Will Relate To


We know that not being able to manage your temper is not something you're really proud of. When your dormant rage awakes, (which usually does not take much effort), you just can't control it. So you'll totally understand what we"re talking about if you're someone who’s often referred to as the one with a 'short fuse'...

1. When your trigger goes off, you literally get the feeling of hot blood gushing throughout your body, and you can really destroy everything around.

2. You are a rigorous perfectionist, obsessed with the details. Even small mistakes are not acceptable for you.

3. Everyone EXCEPT YOU is wrong, or doing it wrong. People are so irresponsible.

4. "Love? What does that even mean?"

Contrary to your inability to control your temper, you can manage (or totally curb) your other feelings very well, especially when it's romantic. All your life, you've been overreacting to anything  you think doesn't make sense, and you never understand people falling in love, cause it's stupid right?

5. There is either right or wrong!

Everything is either black or white for you, there is no shades of grey. You are known as a stubborn, edgy person.

6. You sometimes cry in rage, not because you’re hurt, but actually because you’re so angry it comes out of your eyes.

7. You try everything you think would help calm down and none of them really work.

8. Always the same story: First, you blame others for whatever that makes you angry, then yourself for losing your temper easily.

9. And as soon as you calm down, you try to make it up to people around who had to suffer your wrath..

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