9 Things Slowly Killing Your Relationship!

> 9 Things Slowly Killing Your Relationship!

It’s the best thing in the world to find someone you can truly love and accept no matter what. But, humans find many ways to destroy this, as they do with every other beautiful thing. It’s all up to you to determine the faith of your relationship: Is it effort? Is it love? Is it a magnificent relationship? No matter what, murderers are always the same. Now let’s talk about those killers a bit.

1. Inequality

Yes, you heard it right. You are probably asking what it has to do with inequality. Everything containing inequality is condemned to end one day. Couples who don’t have equal feelings towards each other end up being sad. Those feelings need to be equal. If not, one of them will be the other one’s tragedy and reason to cry.

2. Having no friends

You will eventually lose the person you love if you don’t have your own friends and he/she is everything you have.  It’s basically turning heaven into hell.

3. Depression

It’s not right to expect things to be perfect like in the movies once you find love. Yes, it may seem like it at first, but everyone has their own responsibilities to deal with in life. If you ever feel depressed, it's not because your relationship is not enough for you. It's probably because you’re not enjoying it because you feel depressed. Help yourself out! If you don’t get rid of this feeling, you will be the murderer of your own perfect relationship.

4. Insistence

You’ll eventually end up losing the things you have by insisting. And you’ll be hated just because you got them that way. People get dumped because of the same reasons they were being loved. Insistence is a murderer. Don’t insist, ask for it.

5. Apathy

You can even kill the most perfect relationship in the world if you build up a life without having any interests. Love may even kill itself because you'll have plenty of free time to create problems in your head that actually don’t exist. We’re not talking about those couples that leave everything behind and travel the world. Those people have a perfect common interest. Having excessive amounts of free time will narrow your mind.

6. Melancholy

Melancholics bring everything they have to an end without noticing. We can actually say that these people prefer tragic love stories to love itself. Melancholy is the most hated murderer in love. Maybe it’s enjoying that too?

7. Resistance to change

What makes you stronger should be your relaxed personality. You can’t play the strong man and the elegant woman forever. Flexible roles and adjusting according to various situations are healthy things for a relationship. Because this time, the killer stands in your way of changing and even acting like yourself. If you don’t let your partner change, he/she will always keep a distance from you, even if they don’t leave. They will always search for places that they can be themselves.

8. Fear of loss

Maybe you are familiar with the idea that people are more likely to do the things they're afraid of. If you’re too afraid of something, it’s most likely to become real. This intense fear of loss can bother your partner so much that your love may fall apart.

9. Trust issues

This one is the biggest killers when it comes to love. Trust issues bring tension, then argument and finally a disaster.  Not even the biggest powers or families can stand up against mistrust. True love is not something you find, it’s something you create. Stay away from murderers to keep things alive.