9 Cartoon Trivia Questions That Will Mess Your Mind!


We all love cartoons, but do we really know what we are watching? How much do we know about them? What exactly is a Pikachu, for example? Here is nine surprising facts about cartoons:

Source: http://orzzzz.com/

1. Avatar: the Last Airbender


Air benders are the strongest benders of all. According to Japanese culture, they are people whose capabilities exceed those of ordinary humans and are too strong lose their hair, so they go completely bald in the end. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see samurais shaving half their heads or Saitama from the anime One Punch Man go bald.

2. Mickey Mouse


The heart shaped area on Mickey Mouse’s forehead is in fact his eye lids. That’s why Minnie Mouse’s eyelashes look like as if they are on her forehead. However, the drawings of the eyes were modified in the new version of Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel.

3. What is a Pikachu?


Pikachu is neither a rabbit nor a mouse. Pikachu is the offspring of the sacred nine-tailed fox in Japanese culture. In Japanese mythology, the nine-tailed fox is the thunder god and all his tails are made of fire. Since it was modified to fit anime style, the looks and powers of it were altered. But still, Naruto fans would recognize; doesn’t Pikachu look a lot like the nine-tailed fox?

4. Sailor Moon


Uranus acts like a boy in her social life and wears boys’ uniform at school. Neptune doesn’t know that Uranus was a girl like the rest of the members of Sailor. She doesn’t even know she is a Sailor. She fell in love with her as a boy. She gets shocked when Uranus turns into a girl in front of her eyes because all members of the Sailor must be girls. This doesn’t prevail against her love anyway and she falls for her - for a girl. Needless to say, a kissing scene was not missed out on.

5. Phineas and Ferb


Finyus means “hyperactive” in Eastern Russian and öerb means “disabled”

6. SpongeBob SquarePants


Squidward lives in a music totem taking place in Roman mythology. Melody God will drop this totem and curse the whole sea.

7. the Simpsons


All characters have 4 fingers except for God.

8. Gravity Falls

The Devil Baby in Mordecai and Rigby ran crying out “I will tell dad” to Mordecai and Rigby after he was beaten by them. The classic “tell mom” cliché was reversed, obviously.

9. Angel's Friend


This cartoon, named Angel’s Friend, sued Monster High and even won compensation.

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