8 Signs Showing He'll Still Love You When You're Old


Beauty is temporary. There is a day for everybody in the word, when their beauty will come to an end. It is a law of life. That's why we should pick a partner who also loves our soul and character. Women especially want to find a man who won't leave them for younger women after a certain age. OK, but how can you tell if he will love you when you get old? Here are some tips:

1. You are like wine to him. You become more beautiful as the time passes


Your bodies age together, and in his eyes, you become prettier and prettier. He not only realizes it, but also tell that to you frequently. If you are together with such a man, he will get to know you better over the years, and getting to know you will grow his love for you.

2. In his eyes, what makes you 'you' is not your physical looks.


There is something in your soul that makes him love you more and amazes him. He sees you as a trustworthy friend and partner that he can spend his life with instead of a body that he can satisfy his needs with. It is that kind of man that will still love you after you get old and will still have the passion for you that he had while you were young.

3. His eyes don't see any other woman than you.


If you think he will still love you when you are old, he has to be the good type; the only woman that he is interested in should be you and because he has everything he is looking for in you, he doesn't look else where. Other women's beauty will never be enough to take him away from you and this is a sign that he will always love you.

4. What amazes him is not your eyes, but the meaning in your eyes.


Such a guy loves just looking at you and being by your side and does those as much as he can. You attract him with a stronger energy than your looks.

5. Such a guy will not take you out just for its own sake, but he will take you out so that you have fun.


A man who will love you when you get old will not take you out because he thinks it is his duty or just to show you off. He will take you out because he can't be without you and he wants you to have a good time.

6. A man who will never give up on you, and respects you and your opinions.


Such a man loves listening to you and values your opinion. He tries to put himself in your shoes and understand you. It doesn't have to only be for important things, day-to-day stuff is no different. You can tell him about your day or your visit to your mom as long as you want. There is something that amazes him in your voice; he loves hearing it.

7. He is proud of your character and intelligence.


Such a man won't leave you alone in a corner when you two go out with his friends. His friends like spending time with you, too, and your man is proud of being with such an intelligent woman. He wants to include you in every part of his life and be with you and be proud of you, every chance he has.

8. He won't try to make you feel like you are funny. He really does think you are funny and he laughs with you.

For such a man, you are one of the funniest people in the world. And we don't mean it in a bad way, the right word is actually 'fun.' You two have similar senses of humor and like similar social activities and that's why you are just perfect in his eyes.

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