8 Best Positions To Maximize Female Pleasure!


We restlessly worked, researched, tested and discovered awesome things for you. Enjoy reading and don't hesitate to try! After all, work hard play hard!

1. Lap

This position is very easy for women and important because it offers freedom of movement in every direction. By going back and forth, you can also find the G spot.

2. On the table

Another ideal position for women is when the man stands up and the woman lies down in the waist level of the man. Here, the man can take control and penetrate deeper and rock the woman's world!

3. Upright doggy-style

Not many people know this one, but it can be lots of fun for women. Yes, good old doggy style is amazing, but with this position, when woman does not bend over but stays upright, the penis will rub against the vagina strongly and causes the clitoris to widen and therefore enhance the pleasure.

4. Reverse cowgirl

To be honest, if we are talking about orgasms, the regular cow girl will always be secondary to this one. Because the woman is in control, this position is very pleasurable and exciting to find the G spot.

5. Cowgirl

One of the most common positions. You can take control and discover your pleasure spots. The one on the top wins!

6. Spooning

Imagine you are sleeping in the bed in this position, your partner comes closer to you and starts playing around and you start doing it. This position is one of the ways to climax women. A word of advice to the guys: Finish without changing this position.

7. Special missionary

If you feel like getting naughty and you don't have pillows around (or you are too horny to look for one), lift and tense your legs up and put them on your partner's shoulders. This penetration will maximize your pleasure.

8. Missionary with a pillow

OK, the regular missionary might be boring, but have you ever tried it with a pillow? Trust us when we say it, you won't believe how different and much better it is. You won't be able to not do this  position.

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