7 Ways To Deal With Super Talkative Friends

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We all have good friends but sometimes they talk wee bit too much, sucking the life out of you. But this all ends today! Here we give you the best techniques to deal with them. (True story...)

1. Inner journey: Time to go deep!

Try to reach pure consciousness stage. Let your brain take you to deep and dark parts of your mind before your friend drives you crazy.

2. Switch to loudspeaker and move on!

If you're on the phone, this will be a lifesaver. Just put the phone on the table and move on!

3. Misdirection: Find another victim!

This one's our favorite. Before your friend starts talking, find another innocent victim! Introduce them to each other, ask your friend to tell about one of her/his favorite stories and smoothly disappear while she/he is happy talking with the victim that you set up.

4. Simple but efficient! Drink up!

Alcohol is your friend but never let your talkative friend drink. That will make it even worse.

5. Create chaos! Talk even more!

Don’t try it if you don’t think you can handle.

6. Sleep...

First try to sleep with open eyes to be a bit more respectful to your friend. If you can’t, just let it go.

7. Be brave: Simply tell your friend to stop!

Maybe don’t be that direct and harsh but find a funny and polite way to shut them. Better be prepared for the results. Comeback might be even stronger.

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