42 Photos Showing The Very Wild Side Of Putin!

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No one's what they seem like. We all have different hobbies, interests and abilities. In Vladimir Putin's case, his abilities seem to know no bounds! The guy can do almost anything from wildlife hunting, judo, horseback riding and more!

1. In Russia, Putin cannot be portrayed as anything other than manly, metaphorically or literally. Here, we see a visitor taking picture of the artwork entitled "Travesty" at an exhibition at the Muzei Vlasti (Museum of Authorities) in St. Petersburg August 15, 2013, which was raided and closed by the police on the same day.

2. You'll never catch Putin in a skirt. In fact, his persona is more like that of a lumberjack/warrior. Here, Putin recharges on a visit to the Siberian Khakasiya region.

3. A 16-year veteran of the KGB, Putin knows his way around a gun.


5. Or a motor...

6. The high council of Russian bikers unanimously voted him into a Hells Angels rank. His nickname is "Abaddon," a Hebrew word that roughly translates to "The Destroyer."

7. Putin likes speed; Here he sits in a car from the Renault Formula One team before test driving it at a racing track in Leningrad Region

8. Here, Putin and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ride a snowmobile at an Olympic alpine ski park.

9. Putin is with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto during a friendly ice hockey game at an ice palace.


11. The man is also a sixth-degree Judo black belt. He also holds a second degree black belt in Kyokushin kaikan karate.

12. He even wrote a book on Judo.


14. He truly enjoys such manly competitions...


15. We are talking about a man who swims in freezing Siberian lakes for fun.

16. Putin also likes to relax by fishing...

17. and hunting.

18. In 2008, Putin went on a tiger hunt in the Russian far-east as part of a scientific expedition.

19. He shot a tiger with a tranquilizer dart, so the researchers can tag the big cat with a satellite tracker.

20. He's also shot a polar bear for science.

21. No animal is safe from an armed Vladimir Putin.

22. He even goes below the water on expeditions to see some of Russia's historical shipwrecks.

23. Here, Putin goes on an expedition to inspect the snow leopard's habitat.

24. He couldn't miss the chance to demonstrate his fishing skills, even on the snow leopard expedition.

25. He doesn't always shoot animals though. Here, he feeds a Beluga whale named Dasha.

26. He is attaching a satellite tracking device to Dasha shortly after....

27. He also attempted to help endangered Siberian cranes begin their migration routes by assisting them with a motorized hang glider.

28. One thing is for sure: He is not scared of trying new things!

29. Putin is an avid horseback rider. (not surprisingly)




32. You must have already gotten that he is a big nature enthusiast!

33. Still, there's a lot more to Putin than shooting animals with tranquilizer guns while shirtless. He also plays piano.

34. and Scuba Dives.

35. Putin is also a man of science. Here he SCUBA dives at an archaeological site.

36. He loves animals.


Here, Putin strokes a two-month-old tiger cub he received as a birthday present


39. He cares about global climate change.

Here, Putin hikes beyond the Arctic Circle to meet with scientists measuring the impacts of global climate change

40. He enjoys watching soccer games,

41. And sometimes being a lone wolf!

42. Bonus image:

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