42 Lifesaver Beauty Hacks Every Women Should Know!


All the beauty tricks you ever wanted, together in one place.

1. Even winged-eyes are every girl's daydream. Try using your credit card to achieve the perfect eyeliner.


2. Have no single clue on how to use a concealer? Just draw "3" on your face and blend it.


3. To make your lips look plumper, add up some mint oil to your lip gloss.


Cinnamon oil does the same trick as well.

4. Put on some lip balm to your upper lips before you apply lipstick. This way your lipstick will look bolder.


5. Use your lash curler to have the perfect eyeliner.

6. Use a business card or a post-it to have a clean mascara line.


Wanna know how you can do that? Check it out here.

7. To make your eyes pop, try applying white or nude eyeliner inside your eyes.


This is the easiest fix to hide tired eyes.

8. To get the best out of your bronzer or foundation use a cotton swab to reach the last drop of your product.


You might also use applicators that are designed for that.

9. You bought a foundation that is darker than your skin tone? Don't worry. You can use your moisturizer to lighten the color of your foundation.


10. Try warming up your mascara between your breasts to make it last longer.


It will also help you achieve more defined curls.

11. Forgot your eyeliner? Use mascara with a liner brush.

12. If you want your perfume to last longer, use a tiny amount of petroleum jelly around your arms, neck and chest.

13. Want fuller lips? Apply a light colored lip pencil around the center of your lips before you put on lipstick.


14. Getting ready in the morning has never been this easy. These 3-5-10 minutes makeup tutorials will be your favorite.


15. If you don't have enough time, try focusing on your eyes OR your lips. Don't lose time with doing both.


16. Remove the traces of a long day by using your highlighter around the places shown below.


17. Put on white eye shadow as a primer to increase the effect of your colorful eye makeup.

18. Having defined lips is easy. Just follow these steps below before you put on your lipstick.


19. Use a few drops of contact solution to bring your flaky mascara back to life.


Remember, if your mascara is more than 3 months old, you might want to buy a new one to avoid infection.

20. Who's gonna remove that make up? Have make up wipes around your bed to avoid going to bed with make up on.


You don't want to leave your warm bed to remove make up, just wipe it off and go to sleep.

21. Have a false eyelash effect with the help some of baby powder.


Apply the first coat of your mascara. Take a cotton swab and put baby powder on your lashes. And finally, apply the second coat. Voila!

22. For long lasting lip stick, cover your lips with a tissue and apply transparent powder over your lips.


23. Concealers are our best friends when it comes to hide our tired eyes. But are we using them correctly?

24. Suffering from a puffy face? The only solution is to SLEEP.


You might try using double pillows to reduce the puffiness.

25. Mattify a glossy lipstick by using some foundation.


This will also help your lipstick to last longer.

26. Transform a kohl pencil into a gel liner by heating it.

27. Easy healing treatment to your feet while you sleep.


Before you go to bed, rub your feet with a mint scented moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Put on some comfy socks and leave them on overnight. In the morning you'll be surprised by the softness of your feet.

28. Your beauty problems, fixed.

29. Use a band aid to get polka dot nails.


30. Don't have time for a full manicure session? Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to have whiter nails.

31. So you want to try that nail art tutorial you just watched?

Anything can be a tool for nail art. You just have to be inventive.

32. Having ombre nails is actually not that difficult!


A sponge is enough to get the job done. All you have to do is apply colors on the sponge one by one.

33. You want a matte finish for your top coat? Add some corn starch in your nail polish.

34. Use dark eye shadow on your roots to make your hair look thicker.


35. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the filter of your blow-dryer.


36. Flyaways? Not a problem. Apply hair spray on an old toothbrush to tame flyaways in a second.

37. So you don't want to fix your hair again and again, all day long?

38. Tired of waiting for your hair to dry? Try a dryer holder. You'll thank us later.


39. Save time drying hair by swapping your hair towel with a t-shirt.

Fabric of a t-shirt is way more absorbent than an actual towel.

40. Don't have a hair curler? No problem.


Try this no-heat curl method!

41. Put an end to greasy hair with dry shampoo.


Nothing can beat the fresh feeling of washing your hair. However, dry shampoo is a good alternative to those who don't have time.

42. If you're having a bad hair day, try using a hair band or a scarf.

If you're having a bad hair day, try using a hair band or a scarf.
If you're having a bad hair day, try using a hair band or a scarf.

It's the easiest way to cover your hair's flaws.

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