38 Mildly Infuriating Photos That Will Get Your OCD Boiling!


Are you one of those people that can't stand a closet full of wire hangers?  Do you feel a need to flip the toilet paper if it's hung in overhand fashion?  Do you flip out if somebody doesn't keep their socks in the top drawer?

Get ready to go nuts!

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1. Walls that don’t quite join up with ceilings.

2. Lights that are wrong. Just wrong.

3. When the thing that was meant to dry your wet hands completely fell apart because it was touched by your wet hands.

4. Pieces of bread that don’t give a damn about your butter.

5. This one switch.

6. Erasers that had one job.

7. Binder rings that had one job.

8. This feeling on your wrist like wet little kisses from the devil himself.

9. This abomination of a pattern.

10. This park bench that just wants you to be miserable.

11. The worst toaster in the world.

12. This humiliating packaging.

13. Some children.

14. Some parents.

15. Puppies that totally ruined what would have been the best photo ever.

16. Wet spoons in the sugar.

17. Slightly askew toilet seats.

18. Hard butter on soft bread.

19. The people who (a) decided they needed five paper towel dispensers and (b) implemented their shitty idea in the worst way possible.

20. This reach.

21. This doughnut that was stripped of all its joy.

22. People who desperately need to “mark all as read.”

23. This absolute nightmare.

24. The agony of this charger.

25. This error which cannot be fixed.

26. Knife handles swimming in wet food.

27. This aarrrggghhhhHHHHH.

28. These bowls that should have been a rainbow, but decided to be the fucking worst instead.

29. The monster who did this.

30. This poor citizenship.

31. This even poorer logic.

32. Weakling drinking fountains.

33. Vehicle owners who couldn’t be more douchey if they tried.

34. This sorry excuse for an avocado.

35. This deeply unsatisfying GIF.

36. This nonsense.

37. This free parking spot…that wasn’t.

38. And finally, this tile design and this plant teaming up to ruin your day.

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