28 Solid Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To Uruguay!


So you're feeling tired of the place you live, and are on the lookout for a brand new country? Uruguay is all ready for you! Free healthcare, free education, parking, countrywide broadband connection, fascinating parks, museums, beautiful people, cheap gas and most of all, its ever humble president! 

Go pack your bags and get ready to move to Uruguay if (god forbid) Trump becomes the next president!

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1. President Jose Mujica!

He donates 90% of his salary to charity, drives a '87 Beetle and lives in a farm instead of a glorious presidential residence. What more could you ask for?!

2. Economy

Uruguay is considered the Switzerland of South America. It has a sound banking system and a free economy.

3. Education

Free education!!! And the government invests literally millions and millions of dollars into it. Oh and also, Uruguay is the first country to support all its students with a free laptop!

4. LGBT support

It's the third country in the world to allow gay marriage. Gay people can also serve in military if they want to.

5. Army

Uruguay has an army of 15K troops and military duty isn't obligatory!

6. Abortion

It's completely legal and when they held a referendum about it, more than 90% of the whole country voted yes for abortion!

7. Natural wonders...

It has wonderfully preserved beaches, and all of them are considered the best across Latin America. They're also completely free and open to public!

8. It has a genius national anthem and an amazing musical heritage.

9. Social activities

Lots and lots of festivals, parades, and night life options to brighten up your daily life.

10. Lovely neighbors!

It's located in between Brazil and Argentina, which are both wonderful countries, and Uruguay gets along well with both!

11. Wealth distribution

The richest and the poorest of the country are only a minority. There's a balanced wealth distribution overall.

12. Political ethics, politicians

All politicians are good willed, and even if they aren't, they resign the day rumors start spreading around the country about them!

13. Gas prices

Gas is really cheap! It's not too expensive to own and maintain a car.

14. Meat consumption

Uruguay is one of the biggest meat supplier in the world. They consume 3.5 cows per capita, and raise their animals fully organic.

15. Variations...

If you're looking for complete silence, "Cabo Polonio" is the place for you as it has no electricity on purpose. There's also a town full of fun activities called "Punta del Este."

16. Boys & Girls

All handsome, all beautiful...

17. Cuisine

If you're vegan, you'll be glad to know that Uruguay supplies the whole world with soy. If it's the opposite, their cuisine is highly inspired by Armenian cuisine which is a meat based one!

18. Connectivity

Since 2010, the government is doing its best to supply the whole country with Wi-Fi. There are no connection restrictions either!

19. Earthquakes

The biggest earthquake had the magnitude of 5.5 and happened 100 years ago! It's completely safe!

20. Press

They're the second when it comes to freedom of speech. The government almost never intervenes with the press.

21. National booze

A combination of honey and wine...This drink is called Miel!

22. Traffic

Since they efficiently use river transportation, there are no traffic jams or rush hours!

23. Mate

They have the perfect substitute to coffee, named Mate. Feel free to find out more about Mate.

24. Healthcare

The country has various health institutions available to its residents. It's also free!

25. Buying a property

Immigrants face no trouble buying a property and have the same rights as the citizens.

26. Cultural activities

All museums, parks, beaches are completely free and open to the public!

27. People

Warm, friendly and kind people...

28. Marijuana

100% legal...To use and to plant!

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