28 People Who Failed So Hard But Ran Out Of F*cks To Give!


You only had one job, god dammit!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/annaaridzanjan/...

1. 2+2=5

2. This contractor:

3. Worker of this pavement:

4. Darn.

5. Who the hell supposed to eat this???

6. I would find who is responsible for this I would burn their house:

7. Poor cabinet...

8. But you really deserve to be unemployed.

9. You too, illustrator.

10. Why tho.

11. Whoever built this parking garage:

12. And whoever put this pole here:

13. The designer behind this bottle holder:

14. The cake decorator who was supposed to "use the memory stick" for the pic:

15. Y u do dis, man :(

16. And whoever did **gestures expansively** this:

17. Have you ever, like ever seen a panda before?

18. Whoever was in charge of carpeting these stairs:

19. Whoever fell asleep on the production line here:

20. Da. Hell. Children use it!!

21. This interior designer who never have played The Sims before:

22. This gastronomist:

23. lol, whoever's responsible for this:

24. Oh yeah??

25. Whoever made this BABY SWEATER:

26. This mail carrier:

27. This baker who lost all his hopes and dreams:

28. Finally, who ever is responsible for this salad bar:

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